50% Rebates for Buyers and Sellers

Trust us to find the best tenants and the best lease agreements for you, as we transform your idle property into a steady source of income. We are committed to finding you high-quality and reliable tenants who will take good care of your property. Because at Linkhome Realty, we are always by your side, always close at hand.



On the settlement day, Linkhome will present you with a GENEROUS 50% REBATE, which represents half of the buyer agent’s commission set by the seller (commonly 3%) minus any chosen Pricing Plan fees.

Options for using your rebate include applying it to your closing costs, requesting the seller to lower the sale price, or having the lender reduce your loan’s principal amount.


At Linkhome, we harness cutting-edge technology to offer property valuation estimates using the latest sales data and market insights.

Moreover, our platform enables buyers to electronically sign documents at no cost. Say goodbye to the hassle of printers, scanners, or fax machines.

50% rebate

Enhances buyers’ negotiation leverage.

With the array of digital tools available, homebuyers are empowered to independently locate and assess properties, whether it’s through online listings, open houses, or private showings arranged with the selling agent. In acknowledgement of the time investment traditionally required from a buyer’s agent, Linkhome extends a substantial 50% rebate to acknowledge the savvy and initiative of buyers who actively participate in the search for their new home.

Flexible Payment Options!


At Linkhome, we recognize that certain buyers may require a broker’s assistance to access properties that aren’t hosting open houses. Therefore, we’ve crafted a variety of plans tailored to our clients’ needs, primarily based on property viewings facilitated by our brokers. Regardless of the plan chosen, we ensure that every client benefits from our expert negotiation capabilities and comprehensive services.

For the ideal property and value

Linkhome delivers a COMPREHENSIVE PROPERTY EVALUATION REPORT that encompasses specifics of the property, analysis of recent sales in the area, current market patterns, and community insights to assist buyers in assessing accurate market values. Additionally, we supply MLS INFORMATION, inclusive of the SELLER’S DISCLOSURE DOCUMENT and COMMENTS FROM THE LISTING AGENT (detailing unique offering conditions), exclusively accessible through the MLS platform for licensed real estate professionals.

24/7 Availability!

Understanding the demanding schedules of our clients, Linkhome is committed to discussing and preparing offers even at the wee hours. Our clients have the flexibility to connect with us anytime through various channels: LIVE CHAT available at the bottom right of our website; EMAIL us at linkhomeai@gmail.com; send a TEXT to (626) 829-2666. You can also reach out via WeChat at ushomes.

We pride ourselves on swift responses, typically getting back to our clients WITHIN MINUTES.

No Binding Contracts!

At Linkhome, we don’t lock buyers into exclusive agency agreements, ensuring they have the freedom to select different agents for future property pursuits without any obligations. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

No High-Pressure Tactics

Linkhome recognizes that buying a property is a significant milestone for our clients.

Therefore, we ALWAYS RESPECT their decision-making process, without exerting any pressure.

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